November 01, 2018

As the number of shows and movies available to stream in Australia continues to grow at an impressive rate, it can be tough to keep up with all the new additions to each streaming service each month.

We’ve all come to anticipate a new stable of Netflix Originals releases each month, but figuring out which shows they are and when exactly they become available isn’t so easy. And what about the large number licensed shows and films that are made available to stream, if only for a limited time?

In an effort to keep you informed of the best shows and movies that are in the process of being added to Netflix, we’ll be bringing you an updated list of what you can expect on the service on a monthly basis. 

Not only that, we’ll also be singling out the biggest releases, as well as a number of quality TV shows and films which we believe deserve your Netflixing time. 

So get ready to kick off the month with an epic binge – here’s what’s new on Netflix in November 2018. Check out the month’s highlights video below!

TV shows highlights for November 2018

House of Cards: Season 6 (2/11/2018) 

Following Kevin Spacey’s very public fall from grace, his character Frank is officially out of the picture, and first lady Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) has now become the first woman president. Expect her to face formidable threats from both sides of the political divide.

The Sinner: Season 2 (9/11/2018) 

Detective Harry Ambrose (Bill Pullman) is back to investigate a new case (sorry Jessica Biel fans – that story is over) in his hometown of New York involving a disturbing double murder and a 13-year-old suspect.

Narcos: Mexico (16/11/2018) 

Shifting its focus away from Colombia and over to Mexico, the latest Narcos series charts the rise of the Guadalajara Cartel and its rutheless leader, Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo (Diego Luna). An American DEA agent (Michael Peña) also learns the danger of targeting narcos in Mexico.

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (16/11/2018)

In this reboot of the classic ’80s series, Netflix attempts to revitalise She-Ra for a whole new generation. This fantasy series sees an orphan girl transform into the super-powered warrior She-Ra when she raises her magic sword and says “I have the power!”. Together with her friends, She-Ra builds a rebellion to fight against evil.

Vikings: Season 5 (30/11/2018) 

Vikings: Season 5 has arrived on Netflix, promising to transport us to the brutal and mysterious Viking days as we follow the ongoing adventures of Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel), a Viking warrior who overcomes the doubts of his fellow villagers and helps lead an invasion of Britain and beyond.

Movies highlights for November 2018

Outlaw King (9/11/2018) 

Considered by historians as the real ‘Braveheart’, Robert the Bruce (Chris Pine) continued on fighting after the death of William Wallace to eventually become King of Scots. Named an outlaw by the King of England for taking the Scottish Crown, this historical epic follows Robert the Bruce’s struggle to regain control. Expect  

The Other Side of the Wind (2/11/2018) 

After 40 years, Netflix is releasing Orson Welles’s unfinished final film, which has now been completed and restored. In a instance of art imitating life, this satire follows the final days of a legendary director (John Huston) struggling with an unfinished film and striving for a comeback.

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs (16/11/2018) 

A western anthology from the minds of Joel and Ethan Coen (True Grit, No Country for Old Men), The Ballad of Buster Scruggs promises to be hilariously offbeat and impeccably crafted. 

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (9/11/2018) 

Steven Spielberg’s classic sci-fi family film has arrived Netflix and is ready to steal your heart all over again. E.T. follows a lonely boy named Elliot (Henry Thomas) who befriends a gentle alien right as he’s coming to terms with the divorce of his parents. Elliot makes it his mission help his new friend find a way home while protecting it from government forces.

Split (10/11/2018) 

Just in time for the release of M. Night Shyamalan’s new film Glass (which is a direct follow-up to this film), Netflix has brought the inimitable director’s most recent hit to its service. Split follows a group of girls who are kidnapped by a man diagnosed with 23 distinct personalities. They must try to escape his lair before the emergence of a frightful new 24th.

…and the rest for November 2018


Super Drags (9/11/2018) 

Westside (9/11/2018) 

Warrior (13/11/2018) 

The Kominsky Method (16/11/2018)

The Last Kingdom: Season 3 (19/11/2018) 

The Final Table (20/11/2018) 

Greenleaf: Season 3 (22/11/2018) 

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Gauntlet (22/11/2018)

Fugitiva (23/11/2018) 

Frontier: Season 3 (23/11/2018) 

Sick Note (23/11/2018) 

Sick Note: Season 2 (23/11/2018) 

Death by Magic (30/11/2018) 

1983 (30/11/2018) 

Baby (30/11/2018) 

F is for Family: Season 3 (30/11/2018) 

Nicky Jam: El Ganador (30/11/2018) 


The Judgement (1/11/2018) 

The Good Place: Season 3 (2/11/18) 

Dynasty: Season 2 (3/11/18) 

A Taiwanese Tale of Two Cities (3/11/2018) 

Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj (continuing weekly on Sundays) 

Oh My Ghost (5/11/18)

Black Lightning: Season 2 (6/11/18) 

Riverdale: Season 3 (8/11/18) 


The Holiday Calendar (2/11/2018) 

May The Devil Take You (15/11/2018) 

The Crew (15/11/2018) 

Cam (16/11/2018) 

The Princess Switch (16/11/2018) 

Sabrina (20/11/2018)  

The Tribe (21/11/2018) 

The Christmas Chronicles (22/11/2018) 

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding (30/11/2018) 

Tiempo compartido (30/11/2018) 

The World Is Yours (30/11/2018) 

Rajma Chawal (30/11/2018) 


John Leguizamo’s Latin History for Morons (5/11/2018) 

Loudon Wainwright III: Surviving Twin (13/11/2018) 

Trevor Noah: Son of Patricia (20/11/2018) 

Bumping Mics with Jeff Ross & Dave Attel (27/11/2018) 


Follow This: Part 3 (1/11/2018) 

ReMastered: Tricky Dick & The Man in Black (2/11/18) 

They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead (2/11/2018) 

Medal of Honor (9/11/2018) 


Angela’s Christmas (1/11/2018) 

Brainchild (2/11/2018) 

Trolls: The Beat Goes On!: Season 4 (2/11/2018) 

Spirit Riding Free: Season 7 (9/11/2018) 

Treehouse Detectives: Season 2 (9/11/2018) 

Ponysitters Club: Season 2 (16/11/2018)

Prince of Peoria (16/11/2018) 

Kulipari: Dream Walker (20/11/2018) 

Motown Magic (20/11/2018) 

Spy Kids: Mission Critical: Season 2 (30/11/2018) 


Shameless (U.S.): Season 8 (6/11/2018) 

Manchester by the Sea (17/11/2018) 

Donald Glover: Weirdo (19/11/2018) 

Fifty Shades Darker (24/11/2018) 

Assassin’s Creed (4/11/2018) 

Police Academy 7: Mission to Moscow (8/11/2018) 

The Perfect Man (9/11/2018) 

Ali G Indahouse (9/11/2018) 

The Five-Year Engagement (9/11/2018) 

Nitro Circus: The Movie (9/11/2018) 

State of Play (9/11/2018) 

An American Tail (9/11/2018) 

Waterworld (9/11/2018) 

Crazy, Stupid, Love (15/11/2018) 

Cargo (16/11/2018) 

17 Again (17/11/2018) 

Horrible Bosses (22/11/2018) 

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (22/11/2018) 

Good People (25/11/2018) 

The Polar Express (29/11/2018) 

The Great Wall (30/11/2018)

What’s coming next month and beyond?

Netflix has has big plans for 2018, with a number of high-profile shows and movies confirmed for release on the service. Here’s our list of the best upcoming TV shows and movies on Netflix.